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Yoga Poses for Better Sex

From the ancient time, people are practising yoga to maintain their body fit and mind relaxed and happy. Yoga helps in keeping a balance between the mental, physical and emotional world. It teaches us how to embrace every moment of life and live life one breath at a time. Yoga also connects us better with our other halves spiritually, physically, and yes, even sexually. The couples who perform yoga on daily basis experience a huge boost in the overall quality of their sex lives, from the increased stamina and flexibility to better self-confidence and heightened body sensitivity. The connection between the yoga and the long lasting sex is crystal clear.

Yoga can benefit both men and women in the bedroom. Yoga tones up the body, reduce the stress levels and increases the energy. So, if you and your partner are looking to spice up the bedroom stuff, then it may be the right time to start yoga.

Image result for Yoga Poses for Better Sex

According to a study conducted in 2009, “the regular practice of yoga improves various sexual aspects of women such as orgasm, arousal and overall satisfaction. It has proven that yoga is a fantastic way to mprove the sex life

There are some yoga poses which you should practice daily to enhance the stamina and flexibility of the body.  Daily practice of Sitting Wide-Legged Straddle, ViparitaKarani, Child Pose, Bridge, Lotus, Plow, Eagle, Goddess, Downward Dog, and Lizard poses to keep you love-fuelled and fun filled under the sheets with your love! 

How Yoga helps in improving the Sex Life?

  • Yoga helps in reducing the ageing 
  • Yoga helps in increasing the elasticity.
  • Performing yoga daily keep us energetic and generate awareness in the present moment
  • Yoga helps increase libido.
  • Yoga contributes to reducing the anxiety and irritation

Down there we have shared an infographic of yoga poses that works amazingly for the pelvic region and make the entire area to stay fit, fresh and alive for a longer time

Purchasing Your First Dildo – An Exclusive Guide

When you finally decide that you’re going to buy a dildo for yourself, that is the oddest feeling. When I hadn’t used one for myself, I use to think as for how it can arouse you if your partner is not with you. There is no way it can give you the intimate pleasure you’re looking for.

When I first used it, I was wrong in every aspect. Although I didn’t reach my orgasm, there was a whole lot of new world. I discovered so many facts about my body that was just amazing. I discovered my G-spot with this. Also, I find to get to know that I can squirt.

Well, this is my story of using the dildo and get to know the hidden facts about me. When it comes to purchasing a new dildo especially for the newbies. There are many things to consider before finalizing which one you’re purchasing. Allow me to help you in that case and let’s see what are the points to consider before going for the toy of your dream.

Material to choose

The first thing which you should consider should be the material of which the dildo is made. Sex toys are made of multiple materials. It is entirely up to you which material you want while having the pleasures moment. Here I will give you a small description of those materials which are used most frequently.

Ø Metal

Ideally, if you’re looking for a metal dildo, you must look for a medical grade stainless steel. Aluminum can be another safer option. The benefit of using metal dildo is that you can test it in different temperature to get different tingly sensations. You can try using it warm or cold. It is also ideal for the G-spot stimulation. I own one metal dildo. And believe me, it may be expensive but it is the best medium to stimulate your g-spot as well.

Ø Silicone

It is mostly used in the making of the sex toys. It is firm to touch yet flexible. There is every type of toys with either the silk touch or a grabby touch. The advantage of using silicone dildo is it is made of pure 100 percent medical grade silicone. This material will last life long. And the best thing is it can easily be clean (even sterilised).

Ø Glass

This is the last one I would go for if looking for dildos. However, glass dildos are very popular as they are identical to the metal dildos. Yet there are differences worth noting. But first, the similarities. It is also ideal for g-spot due to the hardness of the dildo. The difference is in weight and price. Your hand will not get stressed and it is highly affordable too.

Considering Designs

The design of the dildo is the second important thing. When buying a dildo, you have to take the consideration of the shape and the size of the dildo. Let’s discuss it is more detail.

Ø Shape

The shape of a dildo is usually straight if you’re looking for intense penetration. Getting an extra sized dildo can be adventurous but I reckon you to avoid curves if you’re opting for oversized dildos. The curved dildos are ideal for g-spot stimulation, prostate stimulation.

Ø Firmness

While going for a metal dildo, you cannot have a choice for varied firmness. However, if you’re going for silicone dildos, you can select variant in the firmness of the dildo. Softer dildos will give pleasure but squishy while the harder one will certainly hit the g-spot very easily.

Ø Texture

The texture is also very crucial while looking for a dildo. You need to be extra careful with that. Why, because extra smooth can turn you fastly and extra harsh can give you a painful experience. So, be sure exactly how you like it.

So, these are the considerations you might want to have before purchasing the perfect first dildo of yours. And always remember, be true to yourself. Don’t try to push your limit in an instant. Take your time and have a lusty night. Cheers.

Author bio – This post is submitted by Zoe Maria. She is an associate editor at Adult Toy Empire – an erotic adult toys store, catering to all tastes and fetishes, all preferences! Zoe will introduce you to very popular types of sex toys that are guaranteed to spice up your life, or just add some much needed excitement to the bedroom

A Beginner's Guide to Rough Sex

If you're reading this right now, you've probably had a moment when you were hooking up with a guy and thought, "God it would be so great if he pulled my hair right now," but it feels so weird to ask someone that — not to mention it can seem legitimately scary to ask someone to be a little rougher with you, but not so rough you end up in your own Law & Order: SVU episode. But just because it seems scary and weird doesn't make it impossible to do.

Asking for rougher sex really does just boil down to having an actual Grown Ups Using Potentially Formal-Sounding Words discussion with your partner. It's not as simple as just saying, "Be rougher!" because that could mean 40 different things and odds are, you'll only want it to mean a very specific 10 things. Here's how to do that.

1. Tell him you want to be tied up and spanked, no more, no less. I can't stress enough the importance of having a pre-sex conversation about your own limits and making sure that he understands them — and I mean really, really understands them, not just "gets the gist". You can even have him repeat them back to you to make sure you're not playing a game of sexy telephone (Cut to: You whisper "light bondage" in his ear and somehow next thing you know you're in a sex swing with a whip like, "Not this at all! Nope! Noooope!") or just walk him through it. So when you say, "I want you to tie my wrists above my head and then fuck me," get out the tie and tell him when it's tight enough but not too tight and then get into the position you want him to fuck you in. Which brings me to...

2. BYOP (Bring your own props). If you want him to blindfold you and then he's like, "Yeah sure! Where's the blindfold?" and you're like, "Oh, uh, I don't have one because I was too busy thinking of a way to ask you to blindfold me without sounding like I was asking for a whole Fifty Shades scenario because I really just want to start there. At any rate, I didn't pick one up," that'll put a pause on that right quick. Even if it's just a t-shirt or a scarf, have it by the bed so when you ask and he says yes, you can go for it. (And back to the Fifty Shades thing, if you're at his place, a tie makes a real nice blindfold or wrist binder.)

3. If you don't know where to start: hair-pulling, spanking, wrist-tying, and blindfolding are popular ones. Ask him to tie your wrists above your head and do you missionary style (or he can just hold your hands up there with his hands). Or tie something soft over your eyes and then go down on you. Or pull your hair back during doggy style. Or spank you as foreplay. All very hot options.

4. Don't be afraid to say "Oh hell no" when he's gone too damn far. If once you get into it you realize "eh, spanking isn't for me" or "ow, too hard! what the hell, David?" you need to feel comfortable saying, "back off, bro." Seriously, do not engage in even the slightest amount of rough sex play if you feel like you can't communicate your needs with him. Do it with someone you already know respects your boundaries (also if he doesn't respect your boundaries kindly show him the door and blast him on the Internet for real because that guy shouldn't be having sex with anyone ever for life.)

5. Or say "Actually, that was barely spanking. My butt is not a flimsy water balloon that will pop if mishandled. Seriously, spank me." The average guy who cares about you is probably going to start pretty light when you ask him to be rougher with you because he doesn't want to hurt you. So if you're not getting what you want, let him know, "You can actually do it a little bit harder" or "You can pull my hair even more and that'd be great" because he has no way of knowing. Once he does, believe me, shit will get real in the best way.

6. You'll know when it's right because you'll probably get off crazy fast. After 5 minutes of doggy style with too-soft spanks, he'll finally give you a perfect, sharp spank and you'll remember why you wanted to try this in the first place. Once you re-coagulate from the puddle you melted into on the floor, you can try it again and this time he'll know exactly what you mean when you say "hard, but not like full-slap hard."

7. Be prepared to spank him right back. By bringing up getting rougher in bed, you're not just inviting him to spank you a little, you're opening up the sexual conversation. Which is honestly the best thing you'll ever do for your sex life, but can also be kind of intimidating. Be ready for him to ask for a little bondage, too, and be open to it. Who knows, you might end up liking being the Queen of Bed (aka the domme).

8. Remember that there is not a kinky sex tutor who will be grading you on your kinky sex performance. Everything I just said is great and all but don't be too concerned about doing things "the right way" because you'll find it as you go. If the first time he spanks you it feels like he's pressing his thumbs in bread dough and you want to laugh, laugh. If the first time he puts handcuffs on you, they get stuck and won't close all the way, no big deal. It won't be perfect but if nothing else, it's a great way to work on your ability ask for what you want. To conclude: you're never going to get that crazy sex-all-over-the-place complete with hair pulling and ass slapping unless you specifically ask. (And seriously bring cute props. T-shirts are cool, but a leather blindfold that makes you feel like Catwoman is cooler.)

Huge Anal Toys – Make Her Go Great

You can make her feel special by using the fantastic anal toys that are available from leading online sex toy stores. These toys will appeal to her right away and she will want more of them. You can be sure that she will be overwhelmed by these magnificent lovemaking toys as they are big in size and give her the real feeling. The huge anal toys are sufficient to give her the pleasure she seeks from you.

These toys of lovemaking engagement are more than entertaining which you can enjoy with her anytime and anywhere you like. They are more interesting because of their size and varieties that they come in. It is up to you to explore the online stores to lay your hand on the best and the most suitable one for your partner. It is more important and crucial to choose the correct version of these anal tools such as the huge butt plugs as they can be suitable for one but unsuitable for another. Make sure that your girlfriend is comfortable with the one you buy for her. If the choice is right, then there is no end to the pleasure you can have with her. In fact, sex does not get better if you choose these toys properly and use them in the right way.

Above all, you should take care of the health part as well. Since these are used for inner purposes, they can be harmful if they are not properly cleaned and maintained. It is only through regular and proper care and washing that they can be used for long term. The anal tools and butt plugs need to be of high quality as well which means they should be branded and of repute. The butt plugs coming in huge sizes will make things work for you in a great way. The huge size of these items will give her more pleasure and she will love to experience the giant toys. She may not be comfortable initially, but you can train her in a gradual and consistent way. Begin with less and proceed for more with time. This will make her adjust to the giant size in a relaxing way and she will not feel any discomfort or issue. Once she is well accustomed and adjusted to these external items, she will not feel any discomfort and even begin to enjoy it ever more with you.

Buy Sex Toys for Men and Women Online

Discover sex toys to bring fun to your sex life and exciting new ways to play. When you feel thirsty, you take water; you take food when you feel hungry. But, when you feel eager to make sex, you also should make sex with a lady. But, the thing is that you need to marry to meet the demand of sexual desire. Before marriage what will you do? You have to masturbate and this is the only solution for you. The problem is that masturbation makes you bored and you will soon feel unattached to make sex by masturbation. You need something new, something adventurous.

Our range of Sex toys for men and women are great for singles and couples willing to experience some naughty game. You have guessed it right; in the category of male sex toys, the most popular is the range of Fleshlight toy. The male masturbator is fun, realistic and discreet thus making it a top choice for men looking for some cool personal playtime when a lady is out of reach. Take a look at our range of fleshlight that resembles the vagina of a woman. In fact the umpteen folds and the striking features that make this part of a woman so beautiful and unique are recreated at the top of this amazing little toy. Boys, take a closer look – it also has a realistic twist; a hole at the right place. Our range of Fleshlight is great for single men and even couples who want to experience some naughty threesome.

Crazy Adult Toys are 100% discreet and nobody will know about your sexual preferences! Browse our whole range of Sex toys for men and sex toys for women now. Doesn’t matter if you are just a beginner or looking to upgrade here we have you covered. Yes; anal sex is mysterious. However it is often an unexplored frontier. Experience and explore this final sexual frontier and maximize your chances at pleasure with us. It’s time to browse our whole range of anal sex toys and vibrator sex toy. Do you still believe, toys are only for kids? Take a look at our innovative range of fun toys and it will change your notion for good. These are powerful sex toys and are designed to be discreet and easily hidden. Yes; this means you can have one on hand for any situation. Don’t go by their size; these tiny but mighty items do pack some serious punch. They say minds work best when they are open. So do our range of fun toys, once they are in your bedroom. “We Value Satisfaction and Help people find pleasure”

Guide To Traveling With Sex Toys!

Hustling sex toys through airport security, onto a plane, and eventually to your destination can be a ricky and worrisome process. The good news is, sex toys are becoming more expected at the airport. Last July, we wrote about a news story making the rounds in which the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) admitted that sex toys did not bother them very much.
However, it’s their job to look for electronic devices, explosives, and potential weapons — and sex toys can still be mistaken as harmful, so precautions are necessary.
The first thing you should do, if you’re traveling within the United States, is read up on current TSA policies. If you’re traveling internationally, look up country-specific travel information. Especially do your research before jetting off to a foreign country (or Alabama) with your toys, as some places forbid sex toys and/or porn. It may even be worthwhile to consider alternative transportation methods, such as train or bus. The following tips are for air travel.
If you decide to take your toys with you, your first choice will be whether to pack them in your carry-on or checked luggage. There are pros and cons to each. Carry-ons don’t run the risk of getting lost, but they are subject to more public scrutiny. Checked luggage isn’t searched in front of everyone, but a few travelers have reported that toys were removed from their checked bags — never to be seen again.
When it comes to searching checked bags, the TSA may simply be confused; if they don’t know what something is, it’s easier for them to deem it dangerous and confiscate it. Since you won’t be there to give them an explanation of the item, put it in a plastic bag with an identifying label (“dildo,” “vibrator,” or even just “sex toy” — something easily understood). Never put your toys in something the TSA can’t open, as they’d have the authority to break into it anyway.
If you put your toys in carry-ons, the plastic bag tip still applies — mostly because you don’t want the TSA getting their grubby hands on your personal items if they do decide to pull them out for inspection. Where you pack the sex toys is up to you. If you put them on top of everything, they’ll be easier to access if the TSA asks about them. On the other hand, if you stick them between layers of clothing, that could buy you some time to explain yourself and ask that your bag be searched in private.
Be sure to leave yourself some extra time at the airport if you pack your toys in a carry-on, just in case your experience at the security terminal takes longer than usual.
The last thing you want is for anyone to think your bag contains a bomb, so always take the batteries out of battery-operated toys — don’t just flip them around or assume the switch will stay in the “off” position. A TSA agent has explained that, under the security scanner, vibrators with batteries inside can resemble the barrel of a loaded gun!
Many high-end rechargeable vibrators, like those from LELO and Jimmyjane, have travel lock functions. Read about them in your toy’s manual and be sure to employ them correctly. If your rechargeable toy doesn’t have a travel lock, drain its battery completely before travel.
If you’re worried about the shape of your toy raising eyebrows, opt for an inconspicuous vibe such as the Lipstick Vibe or Mia (which just happens to pass completely as a USB flashdrive).
According to the TSA, “tools” less than 7 inches in length are allowed in carry-on luggage. However, if the item is “club-like” or can be mistaken as a weapon, don’t pack it in a carry-on. Try to imagine your dildo or butt plug under the security scanner — will it look sinister somehow?
Since even belt buckles set off the metal detectors at security, there’s no way a metal dildo or butt plug will get through unnoticed in a carry-on. Same goes for strap-on harnesses with metal buckles, rings, or fixtures. Consider packing a fabric harness instead, and put your metal toys in your checked luggage.
As with any fragile item, pack a glass or ceramic dildo by wrapping it up thoroughly in soft cloth.
Lube is, of course, a liquid, so for carry-ons, you must follow the 3-1-1 rule with it (and other liquids such as massage oil). Liquids must be in 3.4 ounce or less sized bottles, then placed into a single quart, clear, plastic ziplock bag. Even a half-empty container of lube is not acceptable if the container exceeds 3.4 ounces, which most do. So try purchasing a small plastic container and filling it with your favorite lube. Or pack lube samples, which are all less than 3.4 ounces.
To avoid this rule, stick your lubes in your checked luggage (but keep them secured in a ziplock bag so they won’t leak all over everything!).
There are conflicting reports about the TSA’s response to BDSM toys such as restraints, whips, floggers, leashes, etc. in carry-ons. Since BDSM toys can be even more stigmatized and misunderstood than the average sex toy, we suggest erring on the side of caution. If your toy could be considered a weapon (handcuffs, anything sharp… really, a lot of BDSM toys), put it in checked baggage.
Ultimately, the most important part of traveling with sex toys is staying calm. Owning sex toys and wanting to bring them on trips is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! But security may ask you to open your bag if they are concerned about anything, or you may be picked for a random search. If this happens, don’t panic. Tell the agent simply, “that’s my butt plug.” Don’t dance around the truth, and definitely don’t become argumentative. The more matter-of-fact you are, the better it makes you look.
More often than not, the TSA agent will be surprised by your candor and send you on your way. It is entirely possible that the agent may be more embarrassed than you are. Travelers have reported TSA agents giggling, smiling, and pointing things out on the screen to their co-workers. If a TSA agent harasses or tries to humiliate you, file a formal complaint with the TSA.
But overall, confidence can make a world of difference. Take it from a guy who had to deal with TSA agents making a big deal about a whip, but handled it with finesse:
I look at all the people around me and feel like the whole airport — passengers, ticket agents, security guards — are giving me the benefit of the doubt on this one, at least in part because I’m refusing to have it any other way. My lack of embarrassment, my lack of apology, is defining the moment and telling everyone how to respond. I feel exceptionally powerful. It is the liberation of one more level of coming out, of refusing to be made wrong for being different, for being sexually different.
Or better yet, remember these words from Ethan Imboden, founder of Jimmyjane:
Take comfort in the fact that these guys have seen it all. If the TSA agent shakes their head as you pass through, it might simply be to express their disappointment that you’re only bringing one vibrator, whereas you’ve packed 7 pairs of shoes.

Have you had experience traveling with your sex toys? Run-ins with the TSA? We want to hear all about it! Comment below with your story. The writer of our favorite story will win a locally-made Appetite travel bag! We’ll also compile the answers into a post.

Guide To Sex Toys During Menopause

In our culture, menopause is often painted as an unpleasant, even ominous stage of life that will bring nothing but trouble. And while it is true that menopause is accompanied by many uncomfortable symptoms, it is a phase that also holds some hidden potential. Menopause is a great time for a rebirth — for a relearning of what feels good to you and how you would like to experience sexuality in your later years.
It can be challenging, to be sure. Menopause comes with many symptoms that impact one’s ability to enjoy sex. A decline in hormones causes the vaginal tissues to become thinner and less elastic, and decreased blood flow causes diminished sensation and lubrication. Along with mood swings and hot flashes, this can result in difficulty with arousal, decreased pleasure with penetration, inability to climax, and an overall lack of desire for sex.
All of these issues are entirely normal. But this is where a person must become proactive. Doctors, therapists, and sex educators are in agreement on one point: the more sexually active you can stay as you go through menopause, the better. A partner is not required. Masturbation works just as well. The bottom line is that regular penetration and stimulation can improve vaginal elasticity, promote healthy blood circulation to the tissues, and heighten pleasure.
With dedication, commitment, and lots of lube, your sex life can continue to thrive throughout menopause — and beyond.
(Note: Your doctor or OBGYN will be able to give you more tailor-fit suggestions for dealing with the many symptoms of menopause, including options for hormone therapy, counseling, sex therapy, etc. It is best to check with your doctor first to make sure there are no underlying health issues.)
Sliquid Satin and Yes water-based
Lubricant is perhaps the most important thing we sell for menopausal folks. As estrogen levels fall, the cells in the vaginal lining produce less moisture when stimulated. The lining also becomes thinner, drier, and more susceptible to irritation and tearing. Even people who have never needed lube may find that their body simply does not create enough natural lubrication anymore. Lube can help immensely.
Yes water-based and Sliquid Satin are two water-based lubes that can be used both during sexual activity and as daily moisturizers. Satin contains a seaweed extract that is said to lock in moisture, while Yes contains a flax extract which bolsters mucous membranes. Both contain aloe vera and are meant to mimic the body’s natural lubrication. You can even get pre-filled Yes applicators or Lube Tubes, which are great for depositing lube where it’s needed most: internally.
Another option might be Yes oil-based. Made with cocoa and shea butter, it has a softer, silkier feel than water-based lubes, and will absorb nicely into the skin when its primary job is done. You can even layer water-based lube on top of it, which prevents the water-based lube from drying up too quickly. Oil-based lube, however, can degrade latex, so it should not be used alongside barriers such as condoms and gloves.
Silicone-based lubes are another possibility, but with a few caveats. They are not the best option for daily moisturization — and they’re not compatible with silicone sex toys. They are, however, extremely long-lasting, and can greatly reduce friction during penetration. Read more about the varieties of lube in our guide.

Dilators are cylindrical objects that come in varying sizes and are inserted vaginally to gently acclimate the vagina to penetration. They are extremely useful tools not just for those experiencing menopause, but also folks who have gone through chemotherapy, are on some medications, are grappling with certain types of pelvic pain (such as vaginismus), or just want to improve the ability of their vagina to accommodate certain sizes.
Painful penetration is common with menopause. The thinning of the vaginal walls causes diminished elasticity and muscle tone, tightening of the vaginal opening, dryness, and sometimes even a shortening and narrowing of the vaginal canal. These elements lead to discomfort during penetration. Thankfully, sustained use of dilators or other toys can help restore the vagina to a more elastic and robust state.
We have a couple dilator options. The first is the Berman Dilator Set, which is made of body-safe ABS plastic. It consists of a vibrating handle and three sizes of attachment ranging from .75″ in diameter to 1.5″ in diameter. It also comes with a soft nubby sleeve, in case you want to experiment with some texture. The added vibration can help the muscles relax.
If you’d prefer something squishier, there’s the Tantus Silk series. These slightly curved 100% silicone dildos come in three sizes ranging from .75″ in diameter to 1.5″ in diameter. We also have other silicone dilators in the shop we can show you. Those start at the size of a pinky and gradually get larger.
The important thing to understand is that the largest size is not always the end goal. The end goal is simply comfortable and satisfying penetration, whatever that means for you.
Some dildos, though not marketed as dilators, could serve the same purpose. The Vixen Creations Spur and Mistress, for instance, are both fairly small and made of soft silicone. The Mistress even comes with a little bullet for some added vibration.
Insertable vibrators can also help aid in the journey toward pleasurable penetration, as they can massage the delicate tissue with their vibration. The Bswish Bgee is nice and thin; the LELO Liv is rechargeable and silky smooth, with a range of vibration intensities. Ultimately, any insertable toy that is comfortable for you can be useful in expanding the vagina’s capabilities.
Here are some tips for using dilators/toys to ease into comfortable penetration. Of course, the experience will differ greatly from person to person.
  • Find a comfortable and private location in which you can breathe easy and take your time.
  • Aim for arousal, either by touching your clitoris/labia, and/or fantasizing, watching a DVD, or reading erotica, whatever works for you. Arousal will relax the muscles and elongate the vagina.
  • Apply a liberal amount of lube to both the dilator/toy and the opening of the vagina.
  • Focus on relaxing all parts of your body, especially your pelvic floor muscles. Breathe deeply and, if it helps, visualize your vagina in a state of softness, opening to accept the toy.
  • Angle the tip of the toy downward a bit, as this will help steer it under your pubic bone. Then slowly insert it vaginally as far as you’re able without experiencing pain.
  • If you feel a stretching sort of pain, pull the toy out slightly and focus on the area that is comfortable. When that area is relaxed, you can push the toy in more.
  • Once the toy has become comfortable for you (which may not be for several sessions), experiment with different movements. Increase the depth of penetration, or rotate the handle. Move the toy back and forth. Turn on the vibration.
  • After one size of toy has become quite comfortable on several separate occasions, feel free to size up. If the next size hurts, return to the previous size for a bit. Don’t rush it.
  • Always listen to your body. If at any point you experience serious pain, slowly pull the toy out and take a rest. You can always try again tomorrow.
  • Settle into a routine with your dilators/toys. The more regularly you can do these exercises, the easier it will become, and the more benefits you can reap.
Je Joue Ami kegel ballsWhile kegel exercises can be beneficial to folks of all ages, they can especially assist those going through menopause. The drop in estrogen levels that accompanies menopause can cause a decrease in muscle tone and pelvic floor relaxation. This effect can be reversed with kegel exercise.
Kegel exercise consists of voluntarily and repetitively contracting and relaxing the PC muscles.  Regular kegel exercise increases blood flow to the vagina and can have a variety of worthwhile effects, such as heightened sensitivity, stronger orgasms, and greater response to G-spot stimulation. The more the PC muscles are toned, the more they can relax, thus improving your chances of pain-free penetration. Strong PC muscles also help with urinary incontinence.
Kegel exercises can be done without the aid of a toy (, or with a toy in place to provide resistance and added stimulation. We carry several sets of kegel balls, but our top choice for older folks would be the Je Joue Ami set. These balls are covered in squishy, seamless silicone, which is important when sensitive, thin vaginal tissue is involved. With the set, you can start with the lightweight ball and work toward the heaviest.
There are many literary and visual resources to help you through menopause, such as Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause.
The fabulous senior sex educator Joan Price has two books — Naked At Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex and Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty — which feature personal stories as well as advice from sex therapists, health professionals, counselors, and more. We also carry Sex Over 50, which debunks myths about sexuality and aging. In the same vein, there’s Still Doing It: The Intimate Lives of Women Over 60.
The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability is an invaluable resource to anyone with pain, illness, disability, or a chronic condition. If you suspect that your sexual pain is due to something other than just menopause, pick up When Sex Hurts and tell your doctor.
Let’s not forget the important role that vibrators can play in this process. To combat a decrease in sensitivity, you can try a strong wand-style vibe such as the Hitachi, Bodywand, MagiC wand, or Mystic Wand. Some folks have found that the deep, penetrating oscillations of the Eroscillator are very effective. Or, an ergonomic and versatile rechargeable vibe might be better: perhaps the LELO Mona 2 or Jimmyjane Form 4.
Your experience of sensation may change during and after menopause, which can open up new doors. Experiment with a stimulating gel or a clitoral pump to increase blood flow to the clitoris and enhance sensitivity. Or check out sensation toys such as feather ticklers and the Wartenberg Pinwheel. Use a blindfold to add an element of surprise and heighten the sensation even further.
With a partner, there are countless ways you can keep things interesting (and thus help your body follow along): spend more time on foreplay, initiate sex at a different time of day than usual, watch a DVD together, experiment with a new position, engage in roleplay, introduce sensual massage, try cock rings, or even sign up for one of our many workshops to learn something new together.
The usual stay-healthy tips also apply to those going through menopause: eating well, drinking enough water, getting plenty of sleep, and exercising can always improve your (sex) life. Exercise especially has the potential to increase your energy, enhance your mood, improve your self-esteem, and yes, even boost your libido. It’s the endorphins!
Above all, aim for variety and nurture a sense of adventure and positivity. Make a commitment to yourself to maintain an active sex life as you age, and follow through on that promise. Although menopause can be difficult, it can also be an opportunity to explore your sexuality in a whole new way.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Sex Toys On Amazon

Lightning-fast shipping, a staggering selection of products, and extremely competitive prices make Amazon one of the most popular online shopping websites in the world. It isn’t surprising, then, that consumers would consider Amazon an option for sex toy purchases. However, according to a recent article by Vanessa Marin on Lifehacker, buying a sex toy on Amazon is not a sound choice — for reasons that you may and may not expect.
The first reason is the proliferation of counterfeit products. Marin reports that high-end sex toy manufacturers such as LELO, We-Vibe, njoy, and Tenga have all fallen victim to this practice. It’s so common for companies to rip off the Magic Wand that the product’s website includes a section on how to spot fakes. Amazon doesn’t monitor for counterfeit sex toys (or other products, really), so all policing of inventory has to be done by the original companies themselves, which is time-consuming, costly, and often ineffective.
Counterfeit products are also very likely to be shoddy. They may not work, they may malfunction, and it’s likely they’re made of unsafe and even toxic sex toy materials. Marin explains:
Some people don’t mind counterfeits. After all, the worst that can happen with your counterfeited purse is that it wears down faster than the real thing, or your snobby coworker points out that it’s a fake. You only spent a fraction of the retail price, so who cares?
Sex toys, however, are more complicated. The original toys that pirates copy are usually made of high-quality materials like stainless steel, medical grade silicone, and glass. The counterfeits, on the other hand, are made with much cheaper, lower-grade materials that can cause serious harm to your bod . . . You may think you’re being smart by purchasing a body-safe, phthalate-free LELO, only to get a toy that winds up making you sick.
She’s right. Truly body-safe sex toy materials, like glass, medical-grade silicone, and stainless steel, are more expensive, while porous and toxic materials are cheap but contain chemicals such as phthalates that can cause irritation, infection, and even serious harm. Feminist sex toy boutiques like us are fiercely dedicated to stocking only body-safe toys, but Amazon does absolutely no vetting of products for safety, making their sex toy selection risky for any consumer.
A suspiciously-low price is a sure sign that something is amiss. If it looks too good to be true, unfortunately, it probably is.
What happens if you buy a sex toy on Amazon and it breaks? That’s when things really go awry. Sex blogger Dangerous Lilly has written about this issue and encountered it with her readers:
In the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve had more people report problems ordering from Amazon than any other sex toy problems combined. I’ve had readers tell me, even as far back as 4 years ago, that they bought a “luxury” vibrator and something went wrong after a month or two. They took their problem to the manufacturer because it has a warranty, and they found out it wasn’t the brand they thought they were buying and the company wouldn’t honor a warranty claim.
Warranties are a safety net for consumers buying expensive sex toys, but they are useless if the company in question didn’t actually make the toy — or didn’t consent to it being sold on Amazon.
According to folks Marin interviewed, that’s the thing: even if you find a legit sex toy on Amazon, odds are the manufacturer of that toy would rather you purchase it elsewhere. While indie brick and mortar shops like us adhere to sex toy manufacturers’ MAP (minimum advertised price), third-party sellers on Amazon break the rules and try to lure customers in with low prices. It’s a slap in the face to the people who make the wonderful toys we love so much.
There’s one final reason to eschew Amazon for your sex toy purchases, and it’s a big one: customer service. By visiting a sex-positive shop, you have the opportunity to feel all the toys in person, to ask questions, to gather advice from sales associates with years of experience with sex toys. You won’t be scammed with a fake. You won’t end up with a toxic product. You’ll leave confident in your purchase, with a functional body-safe toy, and the knowledge that nobody was undercut along the way.
Anal play can add variety to your sexual repertoire, not to mention awesome pleasure and enhanced orgasms. And you know what especially rocks about anal play? Anyone can enjoy it! The anal opening is full of sensitive nerve endings that just love to be stimulated. Inside the butt, there is even more fun to be had. Folks with vaginas experience anal pleasure because the clitoral legs extend to the anus. Folks with penises are blessed with a prostate gland, which can facilitate intense orgasms when stimulated.
Of course, we are big fans of utilizing sex toys during anal play. Introducing toys is a good way to experiment with the many sensations of anal stimulation. Selecting an anal toy can seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to take the guesswork out of the process. Don’t worry; it won’t take too long, and you can get to playing with your butt very soon!
Before we get started on helping you find the butt toy of your dreams, here are a few important rules for anal play.
  • Always use lube when playing anally! We recommend a thick, cushioning lube, such as Sliquid Sassy, Almost Naked, or Sliquid Organics Gel. For a super targeted lube experience, pick up some Lube Tubes. If you are using a toy that is not made of silicone, you can use a silicone lube such as Pjur. Lube is absolutely necessary because the butt does not self-lubricate. The walls of the rectum are sensitive and thin, and they can be irritated by too much friction. Lube greatly reduces the amount of friction, making for a smooth and pleasurable experience.
  • Make it a rule that only toys with flared bases are welcome in your ass. Without a flared base, the toy could get lost in your colon, resulting in a trip to the emergency room.
  • Relax and don’t rush. If you’re new to anal play, try having an orgasm first, or have someone give you a massage, so your anal sphincter muscles will be more relaxed. If someone is using an anal toy on you, communicate with them constantly. If, in the midst of using your toy, you begin to feel pain: stop.
  • To avoid vaginal infection, never take a toy that has been in the ass and put it in the vagina. If you want to do this, use a condom on the toy and replace it when switching orifices.

Above everything else, size is the most important factor when it comes to anal toys. It can be tempting to get all gung-ho about things and try to challenge your ass, but you must resist. The butt is delicate, and toys often feel bigger than they appear. A few of our anal toys come in multiple sizes, so you can graduate to bigger diameters on your anal journey. If you’re interested in that, take a look at the Pleasure Plugs, Silks, and Pure Plugs.
If you’ve used fingers for anal penetration before, that is a good way to determine what size of anal toy you’ll want (toys are usually measured by diameter, so try to estimate diameter). Here are some guidelines for choosing a size based on your experience level.
Beginner: You’ve never used an anal toy, or have only used small anal toys or a finger for anal penetration. Stick with a diameter of 0-1″ or so, and a lightweight or pliable material (hard plastic or silicone). Don’t get a toy that looks especially long. Avoid crazy shapes or textures, or toys that bulge out a lot in the middle. Ultimately, just keep it simple! Our favorite beginner toys are the Bootie, porn star dongs, Bob, Aneros Helix, and small Silk. You’ll probably want a butt plug (more on them below), as they allow your body to adjust to the sensation of anal penetration.
Intermediate: You’ve had experience with anal toys and feel ready to try something new, or something a bit larger. Stay in the 1-1.5″ diameter range, roughly. You can graduate to heavier materials, like glass, or introduce some texture or vibration (or both!). Perhaps anal beads sound interesting?
Advanced: You know who you are. You want something large and in charge, with a diameter of 1.5″+. The huge butt Plug is probably right up your alley, with both its weight and size (not to mention its shininess!). If you can handle more length, you can look into dildos with flared bases. If you would consider yourself a very advanced player, check out the Tristan 2 or Pure Plug 2.0.
Moment of truth — do you want this toy to stay put in your ass, or do you want it to move around? Keep this answer in mind. If you have a prostate, you may want a toy that is built specifically for stimulating it. Or perhaps you’re looking for something to penetrate a partner with, so you may want a harness-compatible and butt-compatible dildo. There are several types of anal toy, all meant to stimulate in different ways.
Huge Butt plugs: Butt plugs are the most popular type of anal toy, for both beginners and veterans. They are meant to be inserted and then left inside. Butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes, but they generally have a narrow “neck,” which the sphincter naturally closes around, right before their flared base. Because butt plugs stay inside, they help to relax and open up the anus. They can be worn during virtually any activity, from intercourse to masturbation to grocery shopping, to create a sensation of fullness. During sexual activity, a butt plug may even intensify your orgasms, as your muscles contract around the plug.
Anal beads: Anal beads are a series of connected, often graduated spheres, and they’ve come a long way in recent years. They used to be horrifying little PVC beads on strings (yes, actual strings). Now, there are body-safe options such as the Flexi Felix and Bendybeads, which are made entirely of pure silicone. They’re floppy and can be manipulated any which way. Anal beads are meant to be inserted one by one, so you can take your time and allow your body to get used to the feeling before inserting more beads. The best part is, you are in control of the amount of fullness you feel!
When used during vaginal intercourse, anal beads may shift around and stimulate you that way. They can also be gently tugged on before or during orgasm, so that the popping of the beads pairs with your muscle contractions for an enhanced climax.
Prostate toys: Prostate toys have a specific goal in mind: to stimulate the prostate gland in folks who have one. The prostate is located about 2 inches into the anus and, when stimulated, can produce unique pleasure and powerful orgasms. Like the G-spot, the prostate responds best to curved toys. Many toys that were designed for prostate stimulation — like the Duke and Rude Boy — are meant to work their magic hands-free. G-spot toys may also be used as prostate massagers, but only if they have flared/pronounced bases. (Hint: if you’re an advanced player, the Pure Wand might just blow your mind.)
Dildos: As long as a dildo has a flared base, it will work for anal play. Anything labeled “harness compatible” (vibrating and non-vibrating) is safe. Dildos are often longer than butt plugs, so ensure that you can handle length first. Dildos can be hand-held, or used in a harness. If you’ll be anally penetrating someone with a strap-on, look for a dildo with a gentle curve, a smooth texture, and a diameter that your partner can handle. We like the Mistress and Silk series, or if you’re looking for realism, Spur or Mustang. Double-ended dildos like the Share XS can be used in a similar way, with or without a harness.
You probably have a good idea of what you want at this point! You know what size and type of toy sound good to you. Now there are just two more questions to ask yourself. These should seal the deal.
Which material do I want? Silicone is a pliable, all-purpose material that warms quickly to body temperature. Then there are smooth, hard materials — wood, stainless steel, plastic, and glass — which are best for targeted stimulation. The weight of a material can also add intensity to the stimulation. Stainless steel is the heaviest (most intense), followed by glass, silicone, wood, and plastic. All of these materials are non-porous and body-safe, but the heavier materials should be used with extra care.
Do I want it to vibrate? Vibrations can help your butt relax, but they may also tickle! Still, one of the great things about vibrating toys is that you don’t have to turn on the vibrations if you don’t want to, so if you’re intrigued, check out our vibrating plugs, vibrating prostate massagers, and vibrating dildos. Most of these offerings use regular batteries, with the exception of the high-tech Billy and Duke — they’re rechargeable!
Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the perfect anal toy for you! For more in-depth information on everything anal, we carry several books about anal sex, such as Anal Pleasure & Health, The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, and The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men. These are great for a comprehensive look at pleasure, anatomy, and safety.
If you’re a visual learner, check out Tristan Taormino’s educational porn DVDs: Expert Guide to Anal SexExpert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men, and Expert Guide to Pegging.
And of course, if you have more questions, stop in the shop and ask us. We’d be happy to help.