How Do You Have Anal Sex?

 The lady that you do not like anal? Do not worry. You're not the only one. In fact, majority you belong to. However, have you ever tried it? Or have you decided on the basis of belief? Or maybe the stories to friends? If you have not tried, be sure to attempt. Then make a decision. If you do not like, never mind. There are many, countless, fun ways to enjoy sex. On the other hand, women who like anal sex really enjoy it. Let us consider some facts...

 Anal sex is not something that women can accept from the immense love of a man. For example, many women love oral worship of their femininity. However, it can easily happen that sometimes did not appreciate his tongue that is played throughout the vagina, but it's not something uncomfortable and can be done. Why not? However, anal sex does not fall into that category. Or it is extremely loving and enjoys it or is extremely repulsive. There is no halfway anal sex.

Women who love anal sex argue that the feeling of pleasure is not nothing like the friction resulting entry and exit of masculinity from femininity. It's a whole new universe of enjoyment. Whether you add it gently petting the labia and clitoris, you are on the verge of a new Big Bang. On the other hand, the pain was the reason why women who have tried, give up forever anal pleasure. Therefore, the outcome of the first experience is extremely important, and without great responsibility borne by men.

 There are three things in attempts inevitable: long foreplay, the most expensive and highest quality lubricant on the market, hygiene. It is not enough that a woman decides to try to enjoy anal sex, because anal muscles, lot of them have their own life. It takes a lot of pats, a lot of preparation to relax. (Imagination run wild.) Do not go there for the first time ? good. Another time. No? OK again. There's no rush. Let it lasts as long as it take.. 

The walls of the anus are extremely sensitive. Therefore there is no money that is too much for the highest quality lubricant. Do not save it at that. And, of course, hygiene. Not only standard cleaning, but a condom. Not only for protection. Likewise, it is advisable to buy good quality condoms with a better lubricant. The reason is the same as in the case of a lubricant. Which effectively reduce friction.

Finally, the gasification of a prejudice. The ultimate mistakenly believed that the male anal sex erotic practice exclusively male homosexual couples, and that the female anal sex practice heterosexual couples. By anything morphologically and physiologically female and male anal experience does not differ. So, ladies, huge love should not be one-way. You have an equal right to propose anal games as well as men, no matter how to take advantage. Whether the suppression of his constant persuasion. Whether for deepening mutual sexual satisfaction.


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