Important Tips on Anal Sex

  1. Anal Sex is something many lovers are curious about. It is a common fantasy and many people express the desire to try it as a way to make their sexual encounters more exciting. For many men, the most important step is to make sure you know what you’re doing, so your lover is confident that it will feel good and there won’t be pain involved.
  2. Anal sex is often a sexual fantasy enjoyed by both men and women. It can help lovers bring new sparks to their relationship and take them to new sexual heights. Keep in mind the important tips below to ensure it is an enjoyable experience for both partners.
  3.   When you begin anal play, start by using your fingers. This helps loosen and relax the muscles of the anus to allow easier entry for the penis. With time, the anus learns to relax even more, making the experience easier to enjoy and desire.
  4. As you penetrate your lover with your penis, make sure to go slow. She may be quite tight, and patience is required. Once she becomes accustomed to the feeling of your penis inside her, you can try slowly going deeper. This stimulates the majority of nerve endings based there to make it even more exciting for her.


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