Most Popular Anal Toys for Batter Sex

  1. The Aneros Progasm Jr. provides users with a smaller, but equally enjoyable alternative to Aneros' most advanced massager, the Progasm Classic. Jr. features enhanced responsiveness and focused stimulation as a result of its more compactly scaled design. Aneros Progasm Jr. Male Prostate Stimulator.
  2. Aneros Helix Syn Male Prostate Stimulator The best-selling Aneros Helix is aggressively shaped and angled, providing immediate pressure and tension on the prostate and surrounding area. It requires less patience and practice to realize benefits. It has a sharply angled stem and large bulbous head which provide a more "aggressive" prostate massage.
  3. Use EZ Anal Douche to gently squeeze cleansing warm water through your body or your partner's body in preparation for satisfying anal play. Get into the tub and squeeze the bulb to fill it up with warm water.
  4. The Blush Prostate Massager is designed to intensify a man's orgasm. Inserted into the anus and held in place by the sphincter muscles the Prostate Massager does just that. It stimulates and massages the prostate. Blush Male Prostate Stimulator.
  5. The unique shape allows you to gradually increase the size inserted - starting out tapered and gradually increasing to it's widest point. Made of glass, it can be cooled or heated for added sensation. It's insertable up to 4" and will leave you ready to enjoy your partner or toys designed for more advanced anal play. Butt Plug Sampler.
  6. The Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit is a set of 3 butt plugs of varying sizes and shapes specifically designed to allow you to work your way up the spectrum of backdoor pleasure.. This set is great for beginners and anyone interested in exploring anal play. The soft semi-flexible material is flexible enough to allow for positioning, but hard to enough to ensure easy penetration. Blush Male Prostate Stimulator.
  7. Aneros' Eupho Syn, a perfect synthesis of the popular prostate massager with velvet touch silicone. The Eupho Syn maintains the slim design and small head allowing for more targeted massages. Increased comfort is derived from the addition of a thick silicone coating over the rigid frame necessary for an awe-inspiring prostate experience Aneros Eupho Syn Male Prostate Stimulator


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