Yoga Poses for Better Sex

From the ancient time, people are practising yoga to maintain their body fit and mind relaxed and happy. Yoga helps in keeping a balance between the mental, physical and emotional world. It teaches us how to embrace every moment of life and live life one breath at a time. Yoga also connects us better with our other halves spiritually, physically, and yes, even sexually. The couples who perform yoga on daily basis experience a huge boost in the overall quality of their sex lives, from the increased stamina and flexibility to better self-confidence and heightened body sensitivity. The connection between the yoga and the long lasting sex is crystal clear.

Yoga can benefit both men and women in the bedroom. Yoga tones up the body, reduce the stress levels and increases the energy. So, if you and your partner are looking to spice up the bedroom stuff, then it may be the right time to start yoga.

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According to a study conducted in 2009, “the regular practice of yoga improves various sexual aspects of women such as orgasm, arousal and overall satisfaction. It has proven that yoga is a fantastic way to mprove the sex life

There are some yoga poses which you should practice daily to enhance the stamina and flexibility of the body.  Daily practice of Sitting Wide-Legged Straddle, ViparitaKarani, Child Pose, Bridge, Lotus, Plow, Eagle, Goddess, Downward Dog, and Lizard poses to keep you love-fuelled and fun filled under the sheets with your love! 

How Yoga helps in improving the Sex Life?

  • Yoga helps in reducing the ageing 
  • Yoga helps in increasing the elasticity.
  • Performing yoga daily keep us energetic and generate awareness in the present moment
  • Yoga helps increase libido.
  • Yoga contributes to reducing the anxiety and irritation

Down there we have shared an infographic of yoga poses that works amazingly for the pelvic region and make the entire area to stay fit, fresh and alive for a longer time

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